The Golden Book by Dale Carnegie

Hello everyone! I'm here again to share with you the Golden Book by Dale Carnegie. Hope this can contribute to improving your quality of life. Click HERE to download.

Also click HERE to download ''How to stop worrying and start living" and HERE to download "How to win friends and influence people" separately.

A great book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. covey, another one of my inspiring authors, is also available in pdf version HERE.

All the best,


Missing all those past times so much!

Visit of Ayaka, Japanese Goodwill Youth 2006

Christmas 2008

Exhausted but still full of fun and smiles after 19th SIGA is over

Guys, it's competition time again!

Dinner at Ta Mab Restaurant, after the courtesy call to H.E. Samdach Hun Sen

Graduation ceremony at IFL.

Planning and preparing for 19th SIGA

Look! This old man has all his kids shopping with him! Where's mama? Oh she's there behind everybody heh heh....

Dîner chez ming Mach (16 mai 09)

Bon voià quelques photos pour toi, Pisey! Bisous xxxx

My recent visit in Cambodia

First of all, great thanks to my dear friend, Sothy, who have uploaded beautiful photos of our visit in Cambodia this April. Yes, Thy, i also had great time with you guys then. Six years being a part makes our first reunion so meaningful and unforgettable! Wish to spend other times with you guys again soon. Love you all!

Guys, say cheese! See how cute we all are?

You look great in your new hair style, Thy!

Lunch at Khmer-Thai restaurant

Ice-cream competition? Swensen Soriya

Shopping at Soriya

This smile on my face doesn't mean i'm happy to see you going back.

I'm hopeful to meet you again soon!

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